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Automatic Film Machine KM-101

Automatic Film Machine KM-101


  • PLC program control, with inverter control motor

  • Patented film/mud mechanism, process automation, and reduced work time

  • Remote start, saving operator time to and from the stacker

  • Machine mucosa, film tail is not easy to fall off during transportation, wrap tight and neat

  • Belt-type turntable transmission, no noise, smooth and smooth

  • Patented anti-drop device for safe use

  • Turntable and film seat speed, can be adjusted without stage

  • Turntable with slow start/stop function to ensure product safety

  • Film fast film design

  • Turntable with origin positioning function

  • Switchable manual/automatic mode

  • The touch panel control


  • Machine size: L3200×W1820×H2440mm

  • Turntable diameter: 1800mm (can be customized)

  • Film height: 2100mm

  • Turntable load: 1500~2000Kgs

  • Turntable speed: 0~12 RPM (adjustable)

  • Membrane seat speed: 0~3M/min (adjustable)

  • Power supply: 220 / 380 / 415 / 440V, 50 / 60Hz , 1 φ / 3 φ

  • PE film specifications: W500 mm x 20u~35 u

  • Film stretching: 200%

  • Machine net weight: 750Kgs

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