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Pittsfield Plastics Expands Plant, Adds Capital Equipment



Pittsfield Plastics Expands Plant, Adds Capital Equipment




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Pittsfield Plastics Expands Plant, Adds Capital Equipment Pittsfield Plastics Engineering, Inc. recently added 12,000 square feet of manufacturing space to its Massachusetts facility, raising its square footage for production of injection molded plastic parts and custom designed molds to over 80,000. The company also recently added eleven new and used machines and is currently expanding its tool room. New core cutters, pullers, slicers and other equipment also augment the company’s ability to provide outstanding service, price and quick turnaround for large and small orders. Pittsfield Plastics undertook the expansion because of an ongoing increase in market share. Pittsfield Plastics’ growth is a result of combined demand for its line of spools, reels, cores, cones, and bobbins; its custom mold-making and injection molding services, and its manufacture of extruded plastic tubing and profiles for the filtration market and beyond. “The company has been growing steadily,” President and CEO Thomas Walker said. “We try to achieve the right balance of cost, quality and on-time delivery – and to treat every customer and every order, large or small, with the same attention.” Pittsfield Plastics opened its doors in 1968 as an injection mold-making business and has grown through the plastic industry’s ups and downs. The company has maintained a stable workforce as well. Pittsfield Plastics’ proprietary product line, custom offerings and unique size have facilitated the firm’s becoming a key supplier to the wire, tape, cable and textile industries. “With an upgraded facility, comprehensive equipment to meet everyday and unique customer needs, new product and service offerings and an unchanged commitment to filling every order efficiently, we anticipate continued growth,” Walker said. About Pittsfield Plastics Engineering, Inc.: Pittsfield Plastics Engineering is an injection molder, extruder and mold maker based in Pittsfield, MA, providing spools, reels, cores, cones, and bobbins, as well as custom molding, injection molding, and plastic extrusion services to customers throughout and beyond the Americas. Pittsfield Plastics is a key supplier to the wire, cable and textile industries, as well as other manufacturing companies with custom molding, injection molding or plastic extrusion requirements. Project Name Pittsfield Plastics Expands Plant, Adds Capital Equipment Location USA Commence 2013 Completion -NA- Estimated Investment -NA- Capacity -NA- Key Players Pittsfield Plastics Engineering, Inc