4D Machine Co., Inc.

4D Machine Co., Inc.


About4D Machine Co., Inc.

4D Machine Co., Inc. has been serving the bottling and packaging industry since 1990. The founders David Lewis and Don Walden, Have about 90 years of combined experience in the manufacturing/custom machining industry. 60 years of their experience has been devoted to the bottling/packaging industry. 4D Machine Co., Inc. was founded on the belief that there was an urgent need for a local, reliable, and affordable source for new equipment, rebuilt equipment, replacement parts and bottle handling parts, but few companies with the required industry experience to properly fill the need. Most bottling and packaging companies were forced to search out of the state, often the country, for needed replacement parts and equipment.

Furthermore, startups and existing companies needing to increase line speeds often find the price of new equipment to be inhibitive. Although "older" equipment properly maintained and rebuilt when necessary will provide dependable service for many years, finding an experienced company to rebuild or repair the equipment was nearly impossible.

4D Machine Co., Inc. has designed and manufactured over 30 different mobile bottling trucks and trailers, serving the Western United States. We have built them for customers who want to start their own business and for wineries who see the advantage of owning a mobile line.

4D machine Co., Inc. now holds two patents on its Smooth Flow Filling Valve, currently the fastest in the industry. This revolutionary valve was designed to allow liquid bottling lines to substantially increase fill speeds on their existing equipment, as well as reduce the O2 pickup between the product bowl and the bottle. Any liquid filler with spring or pneumatic pedestals can be retrofit with this valve. We have also designed a quick change capping head with magnetic torque adjustment. This design facilitates cap size changes, and allows quick cap torque adjustments with minimal down time.