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Abarka Packaging Solutions BV

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AboutAbarka Packaging Solutions BV

SKIRTALL is an industrial translation of the most authentic packaging in history: a jar covered with a piece of cloth and wrapped with a string. SKIRTALL is a patented design and excels in attention value, authentic look and easy opening, but the demands of plastic reduction, availability and a friendly cost price are also important assets.

In a fast-moving world, Abarka brings together high-quality knowledge of food and packaging through commercial solutions for the future. It is Abarka's strength to translate consumer needs into innovative solutions and bring them to the market. With a lot of experience in food, packaging and commerce, Abarka brings the entire chain together, where cooperation is the route and partnership our goal.

CORE BUSINESS: gathering knowledge, developing concepts and bringing them to the market.

SKIRTALL is a design that can be used with almost all forms, materials and processes. It can replace a lid on a packaging without reducing the traditional appearance. In combination with a re-sealable film, it can replace packaging with a lid allowing a reduction of up to 30% in plastic materials.

See the various Concepts explained on this site where you will find that there is a suitable solution for each market segment. The new trends such as local for local, home delivery, take away, In Home Cooking and healthy aging are promising markets for SKIRTALL.