Achem Industry Inc.

Achem Industry Inc.

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AboutAchem Industry Inc.

WANZHOU Introduction

Pioneering combines tradition and technology, breaking through the axis limitations of time and space

Wanzhou Chemical Co., Ltd. (Achem Technology Corporation, referred to as "Wanzhou" or "Achem"). Founded in 1960 for more than 50 years, ACHEM takes coating technology as its core competitiveness, specializing in the production and operation of pressure-sensitive tape products. It is one of the first manufacturers to develop and produce PVC tape in Taiwan, and is also internationally renowned for the first BOPP material sealing tape. In terms of the manufacturing and coating technology of acrylic oil-based viscose, it is also the world's leading manufacturer.

In order to more comprehensively meet customer needs and improve profitability, ACHEM actively implements a product diversification policy, derives special chemicals and optoelectronic materials from the core technology of coating technology, and successfully crosses traditional industries and high-tech. barriers between industries. This move not only links the past and future of ACHEM on the timeline, but also opens up the market territory of the ACHEM brand.

Business philosophy

All good inventions are the result of careful thought and rigorous experimentation


Establish positive beliefs of honesty and credit.


step by step, steady and far-reaching, and lay a solid foundation for the enterprise.


Dare to dream, dare to break through the framework, and create a new blue ocean of your own.


Construct a corporate culture of learning organization, in addition to returning profits to shareholders and taking care of employees, and fulfilling corporate responsibilities to society.