Algood Food Company, Inc

Algood Food Company, Inc

7401 Trade Port Dr, Louisville, KY 40258, United States

AboutAlgood Food Company, Inc


Algood Food Company is recognized throughout the United States as one of the premier packers of private label peanut butter, jellies, and preserves.

Algood Food Company has the flexibility to tailor programs to any customer’s needs, regardless of size or distribution channel.

Our markets also include industrial, contract manufacturing, food service, the U.S. Government and export.

 The company’s private label retail customers include chains, wholesalers, and major buying cooperatives.

Industrial customers use peanut butter as a filling, coating, or functional ingredient.

Sales to the U.S. Government include the USDA and the U.S. Department of Defense.

Export markets include Europe, the Middle East, the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada and the Pacific Basin.

Algood Food Company’s strategic plan has always revolved around customer-driven objectives: product quality, customer service and innovation in packaging.

The combination of our plants in Louisville, KY and Lawrenceburg, KY gives us a wide range of peanut butter, jellies, and preserves items that we can ship to customers around the world.

Our history

Algood began business at its Louisville plant in August 1985. The plant, whose previous owner was The Beatrice Companies, had been producing food products for nearly 75 years. In 1985, its primary product was private label peanut butter.

 However, over the years, Algood has invested significant capital to expand its markets to include industrial, contract manufacturing, food service, the U.S. Government, and export.

 *In April 1993, the company began production of jellies and preserves in our Lawrenceburg (KY) facility.

 *In July of 2002, our peanut butter plant was moved to a brand new 1-story, 100,000 square foot building in the Riverport Section of Louisville (KY). This move provided us with tremendous flexibility in logistics and labor costs associated with peanut butter manufacturing.

 *In October 2007, we remodeled and added a 3rd cook system to the Lawrenceburg facility.

 *In November 2018, we added a new Portion Pack Line to our Louisville (KY) facility.

 Algood was also the first private label peanut butter manufacturer to:

  • Use a fully staffed in-house microbiological laboratory.
  • Use a foil seal on glass jars.
  • Offer National Brand Emulation to Retail Customers
  • Convert from glass to PET jars.
  • Nitrogen flush the headspace on peanut butter jars.
  • Introduce PB&J stripe in a P.E.T. container.