Allied Packaging Corporation

Allied Packaging Corporation

202 S. 27th St. Phoenix, AZ 85034

AboutAllied Packaging Corporation

The mission of Allied Packaging Corporation is to provide our customers with the highest quality in packaging supplies and equipment that will meet and exceed their needs and expectations.

Allied has combined the very best production equipment with experienced industry experts, a committed and well-trained workforce, exceptional process capability and process control, and a fully compliant GMP and SQF manufacturing environment, to provide consistent packaging material, equipment and support, thus becoming a resource, not just a source, to our customers.

Allied’s continued growth in the market is fueled by…

  • Process control, ensuring not only product conformance but also product consistency. Item to item and order to order, customers know they can maximize line speeds for increased throughput while minimizing defects when running Allied Packaging product.
  • Intensive and interactive Team Training programs which allow production personnel to function at a much higher level than is customary for the industry. Allied Packaging is leading the market through its cross-functional Continuous Improvement Programs.
  • Our commitment to Food Safety. We have invested heavily in time, resources and personnel to become SQF Level 3 certified for food safety and quality.
  • Our strength in the industry. Allied is independently owned and financially strong, committed to the market and loyal to our customers, suppliers and employees.
  • Our equipment, which is technologically new and immaculately maintained. This allows us to easily perform the most demanding applications with absolute reliability.

What sets Allie apart from its competitors most is our customer-centric culture, where the customer is the most important consideration in every aspect of its business. 100% of Allied Packaging's energy is spent on finding a way to accomplish what the customer needs and wants.