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AboutAltium Packaging

Why Altium

The leading, customer-centric packaging solutions provider to help elevate your brand. From the custom design and development to the manufacture and distribution of plastic packaging and recycled resin, whatever your needs might be, Altium Packaging can guarantee that they will be one thing—Always Made Right®.

Our Market. Our Solutions.

We are committed to bringing our customers big design ideas and manufacturing excellence rooted in creative innovation and branding know-how.

Our Network In The U.S. And Canada

At Altium Packaging, we are committed to ensuring our customers receive personalized service with the dependability, flexibility and creativity our unique organization is known for. We achieve this through our network of more than 60 plants in the U.S. and Canada, 100 years of innovation, high quality customer service, and our 2,500 dedicated employees.

Forward Thinking

We design packaging solutions for beverage and consumer industrial products. It’s our job to help your brand stand out and your business grow—and we take that responsibility seriously. The success of your products and the future of your organization drive us to excel in our effort to be among the leading plastic containers packaging suppliers in the world. Strong partnerships with those we serve are what matters most to the Altium Packaging team.