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The ASV Packaging holding company controls 3 companies: Covepa Michels Packaging, CEC Packaging, and MSC Packaging, located on 3 industrial sites


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ASV Packaging, Holding of the company Covepa-Michels Packaging (Châteauroux), the company CEC Packaging (Le Mans and Valence) and the company MSC Packaging located in Châteauroux specializes in:

- in the design and manufacture of printed cardboard folding boxes for the food industry and consumer products

- in the design and production of eco-responsible trays (Halopack® trays replacing plastic trays)

-in the production of personalized envelopes and pouches for sending mail or objects in the form of a letter followed


The history of Covepa (Paper sales counter) dates back to 1939, in Reuilly, with a local activity for clothing before moving towards new markets. Established in Montierchaume since 1980, Covepa merged with Michels in 1991 to become Covepa-Michels Packaging . She joined the Unicarton group in 1998, itself acquired by ASV Packaging  in 2017. 

Covepa-Michels Packaging is a specialist in offset printing, cutting and folding glueing of compact cardboard for the food industry and industries producing consumer goods. The company is located in the Malterie industrial zone in Montierchaume near CHATEAUROUX on a 30,000 m 2 site. M€ of turnover.


For more than 30 years, CEC (Compagnie Européenne de Cartonnages), which operated on 3 sites, Le Mans, Valence and Carmaux, was a specialist in offset printing, cutting and folding and gluing of compact cardboard for all sectors. Of the industry. The main positioning in agrifood has made it possible to obtain a high degree of technicality, a culture of food safety and compliance with good manufacturing practices. Following the continuous increase in raw materials, the company decided in 2018 to terminate the least profitable contracts. The drop in activity, combined with significant investments, forced the managers to request the opening of an ad 'hoc mandate followed by the opening of a receivership on December 5, 2018.

‚Äč" The opening of CEC's receivership was a unique opportunity for Covepa-Michels Packaging to double its size and form a French operator of significant size in the face of international groups operating in this packaging sector constantly seeking to acquire market share, ” comments Philippe DESVERONNIERES.


MSC Packaging hosts activities related to the manufacture and distribution of Halopack® trays.

Halopack® is a packaging solution for food manufacturers allowing an eco-responsible, recyclable and sustainable substitution for 100% plastic trays and offering the same properties for food preservation.

The Halopack® brand is the property of the Dutch company Packable BV.

Halopack® products are produced and marketed in each country by a company selected by Packable and operating in the world of cardboard packaging

All of these companies that make up the Halopack network have exclusive rights to produce and sell Halopack® products on their national territory.

Halopack® already present in Holland, Belgium, England, Italy, Spain, Germany, Lithuania, and Australia is now in France with ASV Packaging.