Aucxis cvba

Aucxis cvba

Zavelstraat 40 9190 Stekene, Belgium

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Keep everything under control with Aucxis RFID technology

RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) enables you to keep the overview at any time. By means of technology which uses radio signals, you can identify and localise persons or objects from a distance. Super-fast and without optical scanning.

As an independent RFID supplier and integrator, we define, develop and integrate the most suitable RFID solution for your automation project.

Aucxis solutions are used worldwide in order to control, support and monitor processes. This was only possible by continuously investing in quality, innovation and product diversification and thanks to our employees’ passion for technology.

Today, more than 50 experienced and qualified people are working for Aucxis, which was established as a one-man business in 1985.


Development of innovative technology for the sale and the long-term preservation of fruit and vegetables, developed to meet the needs of the agriculture and horticulture sector.


Thanks to the sector’s broadening, product diversification and export, we were able to become a global market leader of E-Trade systems.


We invest in research of the possibilities of RFID technology and develop applications and new products in the sectors which we have grown with together in the past.


RFID technology has a huge potential for possibilities, also outside of the sectors where we are traditionally very strong. An independent business unit will further examine and trade the possibilities.


From now on, we focus on the social service sector, pharmaceutical industry, the rental industry and public transport for the development of RFID applications.

We support the development of the business unit ‘Process control’ by launching innovative ACR software.


Our international development and the way we involve other Flemish companies in our export venture, is acknowledged by the Flemish government. From now on, Aucxis may call itself ‘Lion of the Export’.