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Barrington Packaging brings you affordable packaging solutions for your Bakery or retail sales product line. Our large array of packaging machinery can be ideal for both start-ups and for larger, established companies. Affordable packaging equipment customized to preserve freshness & potency. Ask us about our many other professional packaging equipment systems.

We are focused on 3 goals.

1. Provide our customers with guidance on what equipment and films are the best fit for their product and their customers.

2. Help every customer increase profits by reducing labor costs using affordable packaging machine systems.

3. Continue serving clients in a support role after the equipment system has been installed.

Call now and ask us about packaging solutions with VFFS & HFFS wrapping equipment packing into premade pouch packaging for hard or soft candies. VFFS vertical form fill and seal bagging for gummies; and weigh, fill and seal your candy into rigid containers.

Our packaging machines are specifically designed to handle all your candy packaging needs.

If you are considering purchasing a vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) packaging machine or are looking for a quality VFFS film provider for your current VFFS machine, Formel Industries is equipped to provide options tailored to your specific needs. Finding the perfect VFFS machine can be difficult. Our expert staff is ready to help make finding film simple. Formel offers the perfect VFFS film for all your needs.

With the correct Barrington Packaging HFFS Horizontal Flow Wrapper system your products flow horizontally through the packaging machinery. Barrington Flow Wrappers can increase your profits and provide consistent, affordable wrapping of your single items.

At Barrington Packaging our K-Cup and Bulk coffee packaging equipment can be the perfect packaging solution for you. We offer large fully automated K-Cup packaging systems ranging from large, linear systems to smaller footprint rotary machines.

For bagging whole bean or ground coffee, Barrington Mini-Baggers are the perfect solution. These systems precisely measure the coffee and pack it in traditional stand-up coffee bags.

For smaller bags or frac packs coffee, Barrington’s vertical form fill seal machines are These wrappers make a pillow pack and provide precision weighing and measuring of your infused coffee products.