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Bringing 6+ years of previous experience in the container packaging industry, Bay Area Bottles provides both traditional as well as eco-friendlier packaging options. Each customer and their needs are unique, which is why we still provide traditional packaging options in addition to packaging that has a lower carbon footprint. We understand it's difficult for some companies to use eco-friendlier packaging like glass or metal. For companies that are not able or ready to make the switch to a more sustainable option, we offer other avenues to reduce their carbon footprint. And the good news is, it's easy! We alleviate many of the hurdles that prevent companies from becoming more eco-conscious with their packaging. 

Below are some ways we are able to accomplish this. 

Minimizing shipping

We distribute for vendors internationally as well as all over the United States so we are able to ship from locations that are closer to the customer. This allows us to reduce the carbon footprint associated with shipping by cutting shipping distances down. Another way we minimize shipping is by drop shipping directly from the production plant whenever the project allows. If we can remove one or more legs of freight, significantly reducing the customer's carbon footprint, we are very happy.

Reducing the number of components

We will recommend as few components as possible. For example, if the esthetics of a face cream project allow, we would recommend a lock-up treatment pump with no hood. The removal of the hood is one more way we are keeping an extra piece of plastic out of circulation.

Reusing sample boxes

Your samples may show up in a box that looks less than brand new. We reuse as many boxes as we can when sending out customer samples.

Increasing the recyclability of our products

One example of this is our PE foam lined polypropylene caps. In many cases, liners such as PE foam are glued into the caps. At many recycling locations (check with your state and local guidelines), the inability to remove the foam portion of the cap makes the cap difficult to recycle as it is considered mixed plastic. We can provide caps and liners that are assembled without glue. This makes the liner easy to remove after use, making both the cap portion and the liner recyclable.

Plant-based labels

We can use plant based labels when requested. Typically container labels are made of paper that is laminated with two or more layers of very thin plastic. For anyone looking to use a little less paper and plastic, plant based labels are a great choice. 

These are just a few of the eco-friendlier options we offer. When someone asks how you are making a difference, you can say you are using Bay Area Bottles.