Bioplast Flexible Packaging

Bioplast Flexible Packaging

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Bioplast produces biodegradable printed packaging and bags , focusing its strengths on the high quality of printing, product and process, on a management inspired by the protection of the environment , on the respect of food standards.Industrial packaging is created by studying tailor-made solutions from the point of view of printing, the types of polymers used and the services offered, to meet the different needs of customers.Bioplast colors the flexible packaging with flexo prints up to 10 colors, ensuring exceptional quality results thanks to very high precision levels and helping to maximize the appeal of the products.with a seductive packaging, capable of directing the choices of consumers.

Founded in 1990, the company is the result of a development focused on innovation deriving from constant investments in advanced technologies, from the implementation of the philosophy of continuous improvement and from the search for ever more performing materials .The thirty-year experience of Gerardo Gambardella 's family and the results obtained have allowed Bioplast to acquire, among its customers, important brands on the Italian and international market, in particular in the pasta, dairy, fourth range, confectionery and roasting sectors. What are we talking about when we talk about the factory?

Of workers, engineers, technicians, managers, in short, of people. And of spaces full of intelligence and sociability, united by a soul. The protagonists are the men and women of a company like Bioplast, which has strong roots in Nocera and an international culture which, since its inception, has been aimed at innovation through constant investments in Research & Development .

With an eye to the future , we recall the salient stages in the history of a company born 30 years ago from the dream of its founder, Gerardo Gambardella, current Director, who gave his young company the name Bioplast, already motivated by reaching an ambitious goal , the production of bioplastics. In those years, talking about bioplastics was equivalent to positioning oneself at the limit between reality and fantasy, but the foresight of that man, starting from 1985 , has made Bioplast a leader in the segment of flexible packaging today.

In 2000, with the construction of the first production center, that dream began to take shape, through the acquisition of some extrusion lines and cutters . 2004 is a fundamental year for the company, which, thanks to the activation of 4 production lines, enters the food sector.

In 2009, it increased its production capacity with the inclusion of other lines and reached new goals in terms of quality standards, receiving the first national recognition for I&T.

In 2011, Bioplast obtained the BRC grade A certificate and the high resolution print quality certificate from the two largest graphic manufacturers in the world.

To date, Bioplast continues to invest in productive capital, but above all in human capital, and, in the face of what many define as the third industrial revolution since the war, it continues to innovate in a manner consistent with what is its always motto: We orient the business in the name of innovation!

The history of our company has its roots in the conjugation of work with the passion of those who every day set themselves the mission of making flexible packaging increasingly eco-sustainable and at the service of consumers' needs.

Innovation at the heart of investments: Quality Pack, we plan to grow

Bioplast srl is a company adhering to the Development Contract 409 QUALITY PACK , signed on 29/05/2017 with Invitalia, by virtue of which it intends to carry out a project co-financed by the European Union, as part of the PON for Enterprises and Competitiveness 2014-2020 ERDF - Axis III (PON IC), relating to the expansion of the existing production structure aimed at introducing new printing technologies . This investment is currently underway and its conclusion is scheduled for 12/30/2020.

For the implementation of the investment program, Bioplast SRL obtained, with respect to the proposed investment, financial support from the European Union of 34.8% of ESL.