CARTES label machines

CARTES label machines

Via Michelangelo 246024 Moglia (Mantova) ITALY

AboutCARTES label machines

The Company

CARTES, founded in 1970, is a global label machine manufacturing company, specialist on high value-added products market and pioneer in the development of innovative solutions for the self-adhesive as well as linerless reel to reel web printing finishing and converting processes. 

Our factory and headquarters is located in Moglia province of Mantova in Italy, with an area of 107,640 sq ft / 10.000 m2. 

We have also opened a branch in the United States of America, located in Red Bank, New Jersey.

In addition, we provide direct support to our customers through our international distribution network, in collaboration with our local business partners.

CARTES has affirmed its success in 96 countries where more than 4,000 machines are installed and recognized for their quality, mechanical strength, precision and high production speed.

We constantly aim to find innovative technical solutions for the reel label market.

CARTES offers the widest range of label machines with hot stamping, silk-screen printing, digital embellishment, flexo printing / varnishing, flat die-cutting, semi-rotary die-cutting, embossing units and with the exclusive LASER technology for die cutting and converting.

CARTES was the first to develop and commercialize the LASER technology that is applied to self-adhesive label die-cutting.

Today, after 22 years, and over 400 LASER machines installed in 45 different Countries, CARTES LASER technology represents a confirmed success worldwide, not only for the level achieved, but also because the Laser converting unit can be combined with hot stamping and embossing, flat bed silk-screen printing, digital embellishment, flexo varnishing, flat bed and semi-rotary die-cutting processes.