Via Mottarone 14, 21020, Bodio Lomnago, VA, ITALY


We are specialized in the production of transparent boxes and sleeves. Thank to our continual research and innovation we are able to produce packaging destined to automatic high speed production lines and with the certification Brc-lop our packaging can be used for direct food contact.

We aim to ensure the health and hygiene safety, not only of packaging materials intended to come into contact with food, but also those used as primary packaging in different sectors from food, such as consumer products and packaging secondary and tertiary for all uses. That is why Cristina has adapted its entire production cycle to the BRC standard which is a specific global standard for the safety of food products.

Cristina obtained the environmental certification ISO 14001. This is an additional validation achieved by our company which continues the development of its original Company standard founded on the social responsibility towards the environment. Self-certifying following the ISO 14001 is not a duty but is a voluntary decision of the company which decides to establish, realize and maintain a personal environmental business management.

The acronym “ISO 14001” identifies the main international standard connected to the environmental control of the organisations.