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Model of the CITO GROUP

partner for success – As a company, CITO will be sustainably successful. 

Its success is measured by the benefits that the business process brings to all those involved in it, including not only customers but also employees, suppliers and all other partners. The aim is to secure the company's continued long-term and independent existence. Our innovative spirit serves both to preserve and multiply the benefit that our company gives to all partners. Our actions are guided at all times by our fundamental values.

Mission of the CITO GROUP

It is with their commitment, innovative power and competence that our employees and agents offer intelligent solutions, with the objective of optimising and securing our customers' processes.

Fundamental values of the CITO GROUP

CITO on principle does not resort to the use of pressure, violence or power in any disputes with employees, suppliers, customers or other partners. We do not produce or market any products or services that are intended for use in armed or violent conflict.