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AboutCKS Packaging Inc

CKS Packaging, a Covenant Company, is a nationwide manufacturer and global supplier of blow-molded plastic containers. We own and operate 22 plants across the continental United States that provide containers for a variety of consumer goods and industrial products including:

  • Beverages {Dairy Water, Juice, Teas, Specialty}
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Consumer Goods {Household, Personal Care, Pharmaceutical, Toiletries}
  • Industrial and Chemical Products
  • Automotive {Lubes, Additives, Cleaners and Polishes}
  • Specialty and Custom Designs

With over 50 years of experience in the plastics manufacturing business CKS Packaging has acquired the product design and technical expertise that has made us the industry leader for innovative and cost effective solutions for most any packaging and branding solutions. This is why we have been chosen to provide products for:

  • Beverage Companies
  • Food Packagers
  • Dairies
  • Fast Food Chains
  • Food Service Industry
  • Grocery Stores
  • Home Improvement Stores
  • Automotive Supply Stores
  • Personal Care and Cosmetics
  • Industrial Formulators
  • Contract Packer and Fillers

CKS Packaging, Inc. is a family-owned plastic container manufacturing company with their home office headquartered in Atlanta Georgia. CKS stands for Charles K. Sewell, who has become a legend in the plastic container blow-molding arena. He began in the plastic business in the mid 1960's. He was honored to be named the first recipient of the Society of Plastic Engineers Lifetime Achievement Award. Mr. Sewell has been blessed by being instrumental in helping to build two successful plastic container manufacturing companies.

Charles' family-owned Sewell Dairy Supply Company in Atlanta Georgia and serviced many dairies across the southeast. The company originally supplied the dairies with paper milk cartons and glass containers along with many other items. As the plastic dairy gallon was introduced, the company began purchasing this new container but could not get a continuous supply. He convinced his Dad to enter into the manufacture of the blow molded plastic gallon milk container diversifying later into various plastic containers. He along with his brother established Sewell Plastics in 1964. The company has strived to put the customer first, employing dedicated people with the goal of giving outstanding quality and service. By the late 1960's, the company had grown to five manufacturing plants in the Southeast.

"Our business is to fit your specific needs, not try to adjust your needs to fit our system!"

In 1970, Charles and his brother decided to sell Sewell Plastics to The Dorsey Corporation and he stayed with the company as the President of the new subsidiary. In 1977 Sewell Plastics, as a result of the relationship between Dorsey Corp. and The Coca Cola Company, was able to manufacture and supply the first 2-liter carbonated beverage container ever filled and sold by Coca Cola.

Charles left the company after spending 12 years as the President of Sewell Plastics and leading the company to over $300 million in sales. Upon completion of his non-compete contract he established CKS Packaging, Inc.

Charles dedicated CKS Packaging to God and began production in 1986 with no sales and with the goal of having only three machines, but God had other plans. Today with God's help, continuing to put the customer first, employing great people with the mutual goals of providing outstanding service and quality, CKS Packaging has been blessed with over $350 million in sales. The company has grown to 19 manufacturing plants around the country. CKS is ranked in the top 10 Blow Molding companies in North America.

CKS Packaging, Inc. is family owned and operated with Mr. Sewell and three of his sons actively running the business along with a superior Senior Management Group. The same philosophy continues today of seeking God's Will, putting the customer first and providing top quality and service to all its customers. In addition to our customers, our employees continue to be our greatest asset.

CKS Packaging, Inc. truly cares about people and supports many mission and outreach programs around the world.

We appreciate you visiting our site and the opportunity to serve you.