Clifton Packaging Group Ltd

Clifton Packaging Group Ltd

Meridian Business Park, Centurion Way, Leicester LE19 1WH, United Kingdom

AboutClifton Packaging Group Ltd

The Clifton Group has firmly established itself in the fast evolving world of packaging. The company was first started in London, as wholesalers of plain carrier bags and paper bags for retail outlets and has directed its efforts towards manufacturing flexible packaging materials especially for the snack food, confectionery, bakery, health food, wet protein and other FMCG markets.

Today the Clifton Packaging is proudly established in the City of Leicester in the heart of the United Kingdom.

Clifton Packaging Group has won many awards within the packaging industry. Clifton Packaging have won awards from the regional, National, and Global in the packaging industry. If you are interested in the awards that Clifton have won, click here!

Flexible packaging and technical innovations have always been Clifton’s specialty and we are committed to always be at the forefront of innovation by continuing to develop more innovative packaging solutions to give our clients a competitive edge in the market place.

Flexible Films and Packaging Pouches, Flexible Packaging, Clifton Packaging Group Ltd., established 1981.