CT Pack Srl.

CT Pack Srl.

Via Argine Volano, 355, 44034 Fossalta FE, Italy

AboutCT Pack Srl.

We create complete packaging lines for food industries and more.

CT Pack is a specialist in food packaging with a focus on bakery, chocolate, ice Cream and frozen food, providing full turn-key packaging lines starting from the individual unwrapped product and continuing all the way to case-packing. We have a dedicated After Sales Team to respond to the specific requests of our customers for standard and customized equipment. We are continuously strengthening our local presence around the world, with the goal of providing our customers with creative engineering, delivery of superior equipment, highest efficiencies and responsive service.


CT Pack was founded in 1991 with the aim of creating a leading company capable of providing horizontal primary wrapping and end-of-line solutions.The company merges the excellence of leading firms in the specific fields of: distribution systems and row aligners with MOPA (1971), horizontal primary wrapping with OTEM (1957) and flexible end-of-line solutions with VORTEX (1980).

With an aggregate of 62 years of experience, CT Pack represents a consolidated source of equipment and experience in supplying turnkey solutions to the food industry.


CT Pack’s mission is to deliver excellence in Turn-Key Packaging Automation providing added value to the food Industry.

Complete Packaging Lines

CT Pack’s custom turn-key automation systems are designed to provide added value to the customer.

Thanks to our experience and technical know-how we are able to provide full turn-key packaging lines starting from the individual unwrapped product and continuing all the way to case-packing.

We are the ideal partner to provide a full line that carefully considers your unique factory dynamics and specific requirements. CT Pack leverages our global network to stay close to each and every customer from the first machine until the end of the line.