Dordan Manufacturing

Dordan Manufacturing

2025 Castle Road, Woodstock, IL, 60098

AboutDordan Manufacturing

Dordan Manufacturing is a family-owned, custom plastic thermoforming company located in Woodstock, IL. ISO 9001:2015 certified with in house packaging design, tooling, manufacturing, and cleanroom thermoforming, Dordan is a fully-integrated thermoform supplier of plastic clamshells, blisters, trays, and medical packaging.

Dordan Overview

Cross-departmental collaboration yields continuous process improvements to save time and money.

Dordan Manufacturing is a full-service custom packaging designer and thermoformer, specializing in the cross-departmental development of highly engineered, high performing thermoformed packaging. By having its engineers, tooling machinists, production, and quality control management at the packaging design table, Dordan develops thermoformed packaging that meets its customers' expectations for performance, on-time delivery, and cost.

Dordan's ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system utilizes a risk-based approach to design and manufacturing, where the limitations and capabilities of the thermoforming process are built into each package design; this results in continuous process improvements guided by comprehensive quality control procedures, saving time and money.

Thermoform Design and Manufacturing Capabilities

In house thermoform design, tooling, production, and cleanroom thermoforming.

Dordan is a 50,000 square foot facility, with 12 thermoforming machines that have the capacity to convert roughly 80-million pounds of plastic material annually. ISO 9001:2015 certified with an ISO Class 8 cleanroom, Dordan employs best-in-class package design software, CNC machines, robotics, and automated optical inspection equipment for executing process capability studies.

Dordan engineers it thermoforms with Solid Model NX, and the same team of engineers that develop the design also generate the NX CAM/CNC machined tooling.

Dordan's tooling is machined and built-in house, as are all pressure boxes, die build ups, assist plugs, end-of-arm tooling, strippers, and stackers.

Dordan has 12 in-line thin-gauge plastic thermoforming machines: 11 in its standard facility, and one in its ISO Class 8 cleanroom for manufacturing sterile medical packaging.

All 11 plastic thermoforming machines in its standard production facility are of the same make, allowing for scheduling flexibility as all tooling is interchangable between machines. Robotics utilize custom designed and built end-of-arm tooling that automatically strip and stack formed parts for inspection after die-cutting.

It's cleanroom Keifel thermoformer employs sophisticated programming, forming, cutting, stripping, and stacking capabilities. Stainless steel tooling and heated dies produce clean and consistent, on-spec thermformed parts.

Dordan's ISO 9001: 2015 certified quality management system dictates every part of the packaging development and production process for complete transparency and efficiency.

Cleanroom Manufacturing Capabilities

Monitors and mitigates the level of particulate and biological agents.

Dordan's fully-enclosed and complete hardwall-construction ISO Class 8 cleanroom thermoforms medical device trays, surgical kits, medical clamshells, pharmaceutical blisters, and medical handling trays.

Dordan's cleanroom houses Keifel Speedformers that utilize advanced machine control technology and fully automated forming, cutting, stripping, and stacking stations.

Dordan's cleanroom is governed by its Class 8 ISO certification, which works to continuously monitor, manage, and minimize particulate and biological agents present in the production environment.

Dordan's cleanroom-produced medical packaging maintains tight forming and cutting tolerances, and automated optical inspection equipment rapidly quantifies the process capabilities as a benchmark for continued production.