Eagle Flexible Packaging

Eagle Flexible Packaging

1100 Kingsland DriveBatavia, IL, 60510

AboutEagle Flexible Packaging

Founded in 1994, Eagle Flexible Packaging is an innovative printer and converter of flexible packaging specializing in Preformed Pouches, Roll Fed Film, Rollstock with pre-applied zippers, and Laminate Structures. An in-house Prepress Department enables us to provide the utmost in quality printing, control and flexibility. Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies such as, Direct Laser Engraving (in-the-round-imaging, seamless plates, etc.) and a defect detection system ensures the highest quality and consistency.

We are committed to providing unparalleled quality products coupled with responsive and professional communication. Our goal is to be a company that customers want to do business with. We will always look to increase our value to our customers through continuous improvement efforts and technological advancements. Our organization is dynamic and ever evolving to meet the needs and wants of the market and our customer as competencies and resources allow.

Eagle Flexible is proud to announce that we have achieved the highest SQF Certification. This certification provides proof that we are committed to providing quality packaging products by implementing measurable high quality food and safety control systems. This allows us to provide the highest quality and safe packaging for our customers food products.

Our Mission

Our mission is to embrace our guiding values that focus on developing and empowering our team members. As a result, our team will create valued, trusted, and lasting relationships with both customers and suppliers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be one of the best flexible packaging companies in the industry – by delivering packaging excellence defined by superior quality, unmatched service, continuous improvement, and constant innovation.

Our Guiding Values

  • Show Commitment to the Vision, the Goal, the Cause
  • Be honest, trustworthy, and demonstrate Integrity in all that you do
  • Take Responsibility for your words, deeds, and actions – or lack thereof
  • Have the Discipline to stay focused on the things that improve your relationships and your work
  • Demonstrate a high level of Engagement in all that you do
  • Willingness to Sacrifice with a whatever it takes” attitude
  • Embracing Teamwork as the best way to achieve greater results together
  • Living and working with a Sense of Urgency – as lifes challenges and tragedies have taught us all that we must make the most of the time we are given
  • Be great at Listening more and talking less – let your actions do the talking for you
  • Encourage Creativity and Innovation as we must be always thinking of new ways of approaching problems and opportunities
  • Show concern, compassion, and Empathy for each individual and situation – reserving judgment until you truly know what it is to be in that situation or in that persons shoes
  • Provide an authentic dose of Encouragement in as many encounters as possible
  • Life and business is Personal – create genuine and positive human connections
  • Promote Health in mind, body, and spirit – if you dont have your health, you have nothing
  • Anticipate and be Proactive – predict, uncover, and fulfill the expressed and unexpressed needs of your customers, co-workers, friends, family, and loved-ones
  • Have a Sense of Humor – take your work and relationships seriously, but dont take yourself too seriously as laughing is truly the best of medicines
  • Show Humility in all that you do – there is always room for improvement and we can always get better
  • Be Respectful to those you surround yourself with
  • Embrace Growth and Investment in the process of continuously improving yourself and your relationships