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EPL Limited


AboutEPL Limited

Our Philosophy

Leading the Pack

Our Vision

To be the most sustainable packaging company in the world

Our Mission

Achieve Capital Efficient, Consistent Earnings Growth

Our Story

We have come a long way since we started production in 1984. Our early success hinged on extraordinary products to serve our lead clients – who, in turn, took us along with them as they expanded their operations to markets globally.

Along the way, we grew via joint ventures and acquisitions, deepening our footprint in each market. In the last decade, we set up factories across several markets globally, striking deep roots as a truly global packaging company.

Today, we employ over 3400 people from 25 different nationalities at 20 state-of-the-art facilities in ten countries across all continents. We enjoy a marquee customer base of global, regional, and local niche brands, and are now a fully backward integrated manufacturer – from blown film to tubes.

Digital Transformation

We recognize that the future is digital and that is rapidly reimagining our business as a digital-first one. From how we engage our customers remotely in very interesting ways, to how we automate our entire value chain, to how we integrate various functions seamlessly – we are taking big steps every day to digitize every aspect of our business.