ESSEGI 2 s.r.l.

ESSEGI 2 s.r.l.

Via Strada Degli Alberi, 47, 35015 Galliera Veneta (PD)

AboutESSEGI 2 s.r.l.

ESSEGI is a leading company in the development and creation of lines and systems for packaging , mixing soil, weighing and industrial automation in general for various products, covering a wide range of weights and formats.

In addition to guaranteeing vertical bagging machines and advanced packaging presses , ESSEGI's thirty years of experience in the sector is reflected in a highly qualified and available commercial network, always looking for targeted and effective solutions, to respond to individual problems and needs of customers relating to packaging. industrial and automation.

The strengths that have always distinguished us and allowed us to establish ourselves on the world market as a leading company in the industrial packaging sector are:


We are able to face any request and requirement with maximum flexibility.


We work in full compliance with international regulations, and continuous research works hand in hand with safety.


ESSEGI supports the customer during all phases, offering an excellent commercial service and technical assistance.


Time is money; being timely in proposals, deliveries and assistance interventions means having an infinite series of advantages with concrete results.