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From first sketch to finished product

EU Design is a multinational manufacturer focused on buttons, packaging, fashion trims and custom accessories for the apparel industry.

We work closely with our clients, every step of the way. Reliability and transparency are crucial values to us. We believe in communicating honestly and always delivering on our promises.


Since its founding in 1999, EU Design has evolved into a multinational manufacturing business.

We started originally as a distributor of trims and packaging for the North American market. Captivated by the craftsmanship, we set our sights on becoming a full-fledged manufacturer and offering our own products

Our first and most formative foray into manufacturing was opening a joint venture factory in Shantou, China. The initial goal was to become a fully vertical producer of urea buttons, while making real horn and bone, corozo, wood and Italian style leather.

After getting there, we marked the next goal: improving our product, reaching ever higher levels of quality and service. In late 2008, we teamed up with equipment makers and went for the most sophisticated top of the line machines. This taught us to manufacture buttons, trims, and packaging without preconceived notions, free from the past practices.

Five years later, we set out to expand our horizons to India. Since opening our facility in Sonepat, we have seen it produce real horn, die corozo and bone, laser and enamel and varnish buttons in a variety of materials. Witnessing this evolution has been immensely gratifying.

“Helping designers and developers realize their ideas”

Late in 2014, EU Design acquired Bottonificio Fenili Srl, a 107 year old traditional buttons maker rooted in high fashion, luxury buttons along with the manufacturing and distribution of trims.

The company invests diligently in preserving traditional craftsmanship while implementing new, state of the art technologies. We have expanded the facilities with an in-house shell department, metal moulding (rubber and injection), spray coating, digital printing and electroplating.

We want to continue helping designers and developers realize their ideas. Our biggest ambition is to stay eager; meeting the future with new technology and innovation, while still preserving expertise and carrying on tradition.

“Hurry slowly” – or “Festina lente” as the saying goes in Latin – is our way of being effective and on our toes, while never letting go until we’re fully satisfied. See you tomorrow. We can hardly wait.