Euromac Costruzioni Meccaniche s.r.l.

Euromac Costruzioni Meccaniche s.r.l.

Strada Statale 31, nr. 6, 15030 - Villanova Monferrato (AL), ITALY

AboutEuromac Costruzioni Meccaniche s.r.l.

Euromac is the biggest and most experienced manufacturer of Slitter Rewinders in Italy and one of leading suppliers worldwide.

Founded in 1968, Euromac Costruzioni Meccaniche s.r.l., is one of world's leading producers of highly technological machines like slitters rewinders for plastic films, laminates, paper, aluminium foil and other materials for food and non-food flexible packaging.

The products are in continuous development with Euromac’s technical and electronic solutions. In order to develop a product range that exceeds expectations.

The solutions and post sales activities are based on evaluating client-specific requirements.

Built in advanced, innovative and in-house manufacturing facilities, Euromac machines are completely developed on modern CAD systems (both 2D and 3D) guaranteeing precision.

The electronic functions and controls, along with the relevant software are completely developed by Euromac's technical and electrical engineers.

Know to guarantee traceability, availability of products and service worldwide; Euromac machines are equipped with first class electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic components which suits various needs while meeting Customer's technical demands.


Euromac is highly involved in sustainability and environment. It has installed a full Solar panel roof where own green energy is produced and the use of environmental friendly materials such as water based paints is being applied.