Ferrum packaging limited

Ferrum packaging limited

Industriestrasse 11, 5503 Schafisheim, Switzerland

AboutFerrum packaging limited

Innovative from experience - competent from tradition

The Ferrum Group combines the two subsidiaries Ferrum Packaging AG and Ferrum Process Systems AG and stands for innovative products and services of the highest quality. The Ferrum Group has its headquarters in Switzerland and partner companies and agencies all over the world. The range of services offered by the Ferrum Group is broadly diversified and flows into numerous economic sectors. Global activities on all continents, the high degree of self-financing and economic independence ensure the group a strong position with excellent future prospects.

Why weare competent

The Ferrum Group employs around 800 people worldwide. Each and every one of them has the experience, competence and expertise that sets us as Ferrum apart from the competition. Our employees make the difference.

who we are

The family company Ferrum has been synonymous with top performance and quality in numerous sectors for decades. With good reason: the many years of know-how of the employees, the comprehensive competence, trend-setting technologies and the constant urge for innovations are just a few of them.

What we do

Ferrum always strives for market leadership. In doing so, it focuses on innovation in products and services in order to provide its customers with first-class added value. The products are characterized by their longevity and a wide range of expansion options, and this leads to investment security.

Our mission statement

Our mission statement consists of the vision, the mission and our values. On the one hand, the mission statement helps us not to lose sight of our goals and, on the other hand, not to forget who we are and what we stand for.


Ferrum wants to be the market leader for capping solutions in the food and beverage industry as well as for process and, in particular, centrifuge technologies in selected special applications.

We are known worldwide for our premium products and our fast, high-quality customer service. We treat our customers as equals and do everything we can to meet their requirements. Customers feel that they are in “the best hands” with us.

We are a family business, we are Ferrumians: A passionate and motivated team of experts that always focuses on the customer.As an attractive employer, we focus on people and their knowledge. We want to attract specialists and promote the training and further education of experts


We achieve our vision by manufacturing high-quality and reliable products and spare parts ourselves. We advise our customers on process and control optimization and guarantee a 24-hour service that is unmistakable worldwide.

Ferrum offers its customers first-class, efficient and resource-saving solutions. Our employees have a high level of competence and believe in the success of the company. We Ferrumians strengthen the value chain of our customers and ensure that they can improve their product quality and increase their yields.

We maintain a global network with strong partners. In doing so, we constantly examine technological developments in all industrial areas in order to establish our products and services as the best and most sustainable in their categories.