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Flexipol is one company with three specialist brands, Palagan, Synpac, and Flexipol, each focusing on unique markets. Each brand designs and manufactures industry leading differentiated flexible packaging.

Technical collaboration

Our process of collaboration starts with curiosity. We look for the challenges our customers may be experiencing, and we consider how we can make improvements. We ask the probing questions. Then we make it our business to work closely with customers to engineer those challenges away. These win-win technical partnerships lead to a stream of innovative packaging solutions that improve both businesses.

We work in partnership with processing and manufacturing businesses operating in specialist, niche or commodity markets from a variety of dynamic industries.

Flexipol is proud to be BRC approved to AA standard.

Collaborative innovation

Innovation at Flexipol requires deep problem-solving skills and considerable resilience. We learn through the rigorous process of experimentation. For us, the path to breakthrough technology is lined with trials and learnings, each one essential for inspired innovation.

Our intellectual property is driven by our experience designing and manufacturing specialist packaging products efficiently to the highest quality specifications.

We challenge ourselves to design and manufacture the best possible packaging solution where the needs and solutions are highly specific.

Extraordinary Service

We listen to our customers and we keep our promises. Through our substantial expertise and constant support, you will have the confidence to make the best packaging decisions. That’s because we’re in this for the long term.

We care deeply about our service reputation and live by it to ensure our future success. This, plus our high quality product range, is why we are an M&S preferred supplier.