Focke Meler Gluing Solutions

Focke Meler Gluing Solutions

 Pol. Arazuri-Orkoien, c/B, nº3 A

E-31170 Arazuri-Navarra-Spain

AboutFocke Meler Gluing Solutions

We are Meler, Your Gluing Solutions Partner, with more than 40 years as specialists in the development of hot melt systems.

We manufacture all the necessary equipment for the melting, transport and application of hotmelt adhesives. With have a wide experience in professional hot melt packaging application (cardboard packing, packaging and labeling processes).

Meler’s range of hot melt systems has evolved towards specialist brands:


  • Arion Hoses
  • Micron+ melters
  • Raptor Applicators

We glue the most important things so that everything works as it should. #Yourgluingsolutionspartner