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Franpack is a company specializing in the design and construction of packaging equipment adapted to the needs of your business. Franpack offers a wide range of product grouping modules designed to meet the packaging requirements of any type of industry. All Franpack end-of-line packaging machines are built with the most advanced materials and components, including stainless steel, giving them longer life as well as performance, durability and reliability. optimal.

Green economy

Today, it is fundamental to manage our natural resources. We started with the basics. Indeed, Franpack machines are built using solar energy via a system of 1000 panels integrated into our roof. Source reduction is one of the most important ecological aspects of Franpack's wrapping equipment. 

Our shrink wrap packaging solutions are designed to dramatically reduce, if not totally eliminate, cardboard consumption, which has a significant impact on packaging volume. Our machines which use recyclable materials, are known for their low consumption shrink tunnels, and are manufactured using environmentally friendly methods and materials.