Geo Project Industries

Geo Project Industries

Via Leonardo da Vinci, 43 - 35015 Galliera Veneta (PD), Italy

AboutGeo Project Industries

Geo Project Industries is standing as a leading packaging machinery providers. GPI is a system of companies united by the interest of feeling part of a group of manufacturers that have the objective of exploiting a sales network, technical synergies and internationalization that are ever stronger and more structured worldwide. GPI produces a complete range of load units to serve customers who are looking for reliable solutions and want to improve packaging lines with: side-loading cartoners; trainers; closing unit; lidding; top loading unit; wrap – around; monoblocks, palletizers and LGV.

We offer all the best standards in terms of safety in the workplace. Every day we work to increase and implement the number of solutions we can offer, transferring the know-how generated and the manipulation processes that have been developed from one sector to another.

Our technicians will help you day after day with ample availability of spare parts, inspections and interventions, new products, software updates, remote assistance and speed of execution. Our customers are important, we want to serve you efficiently and courteously by making your problems our own and resolving them with care.