Ghelfi Ondulati

Ghelfi Ondulati

Via dei Lavoratori, 10, 23010 Buglio in Monte SO

AboutGhelfi Ondulati

Quality and innovation, since 1952

About seventy years ago, in Valtellina, grandfather Albino and grandmother Elsa, first producers of grappa, decided to realize their dream: to make cardboard boxes.

Thus was born the "Scatolificio Ghelfi".

Today we are a consolidated presence in the corrugated cardboard packaging sector in Italy and in Europe.

Ours is a company of people who have transformed corrugated cardboard into an idea.Ethical principles and corporate values ​​have always pushed towards constant improvement, with attention and respect towards people and the territory.

Let's imagine the box of the future that will be intelligent: it will be able to communicate with people and machines, tell about data and experiences and carry with it a potentially infinite number of information

The paper

Study and characterization of the properties of the papers that enter the various compositions of corrugated cardboard.

Corrugated cardboard

Mechanical optimization of corrugated cardboard, also through specially developed software.

The print

Study and optimization of the flexographic and digital printing process (photopolymers, inks, anilox rolls, etc.)

Card Treatments

Surface treatments of paper aimed at modifying its functionality and seeking new properties.

New technologies

Exploration of technologies related to materials from bio-resources (starches, cellulose, etc.) in the packaging sector.

Electronics and sensors

Internal development of low cost sensors for monitoring the production process.