IFLEX - Impresión de Flexibles // Flexible Packaging

IFLEX - Impresión de Flexibles // Flexible Packaging

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AboutIFLEX - Impresión de Flexibles // Flexible Packaging

Since 1986 Rotogravure printing specialists for flexible packaging

We get fully involved so that our customers pack their products in an attractive, safe and sustainable way. We put all our knowledge and experience at your service to protect what we love most: the product, the people and our environment.

RotogravureQuality, speed and excellent printing.

Rotogravure offers high graphic quality, more intense tones, images and gradients with a high level of detail and definition. Versatile printing technique, applicable on the vast majority of flexible media. It is the technology that best maintains uniformity over time, both in the same print run and in subsequent repetitions of the same design.

Our values

A family business passionate about the trade that has professionals involved by and for excellence.


Service. Because time is money, we stand out for our short deadlines and agility. Our processes are focused on increasing efficiency and continuous improvement.


Quality. We are knowledgeable about the trade and the sector. We have the most advanced technology and a team of professionals who believe in effort and a job well done.


Involvement and commitment. Aware that our actions have consequences, we are involved in improving the environment and our society.

Personal care

Proximity relationship. Behind every company there are people, which is why we like to establish relationships of trust and closeness with our clients.


Starting from the fact that "the best waste is the one that is not generated", and knowing the important role that packaging plays in today's world, we adopt all the measures within our reach to reduce our environmental impact.