Inventive Label, Inc.

Inventive Label, Inc.

941 S. Via Rodeo Placentia, CA 92870

AboutInventive Label, Inc.

Inventive Label, Inc. is a label manufacturer located in Southern California with a client base throughout the continental U.S. The company was founded on a business plan aiming to be the best in producing complex specialty custom labels and related packaging products. Our team offers many years of experience in designing unique specialized equipment and in developing proprietary production techniques to address the varied and particular requirements of our clients. We accept challenges few other label companies would even consider.

Our Key Values

Inventive Label is more than just a typical label printing business. It is a source of pride for the owners and employees alike. We consider the fulfillment of our client’s needs as critical for us to be a successful label manufacturer. Honesty is paramount in all our relationships with suppliers, customers, and each other. Quality and service don’t happen by accident, but are attained through motivation, a system of tested procedures, and a proprietary, cutting edge IT system spanning and integrating all aspects of pre-production, production, quality, and customer service. We excel in creating intelligent label solutions for our clients.