Jongerius Hanco BV.

Jongerius Hanco BV.

Astronaut 243824 MJ Amersfoort

AboutJongerius Hanco BV.

Jongerius Hanco BV is the leading supplier of multipackaging systems in the secondary packaging industry worldwide. We provide tailor made solutions and work closely together with our customers to boost production capacity, improve quality and increase output efficiency. Jongerius Hanco has exported its machines to over 50 countries worldwide and therefore can truly be called a global company that sticks to its Dutch roots in innovation and product quality.

We pride ourselves in ensuring our machines enable the customer to reach its objectives in time, money, people and durability. Our range of services not only include single modules, but customized systems and all-in-one solutions as well, based on a holistic consulting process and project engineering know-how. We translate your questions, need for innovation and problems into a well thought through solution.

Interesting Facts:

  •  Jongerius Hanco BV started as a family business in 1932. It is now based in Amersfoort
  •  Jongerius Hanco started as a company specialized in bakery equipment. Over the last decade Jongerius Hanco has shifted its focus to the secondary packaging industry
  •  Jongerius Hanco is the only company that has designed multipackaging machines that are able to neatly align small packs in a large outer sack in a set configuration
  •  The newest Jongerius Hanco development is the Aligning Collating Multipackaging Machine (ACM)
  •  A lot of terms are used for the type of secondary packaging done by Jongerius Hanco, such as Multipackaging, Polybag Packaging, Polysack Packaging, Bundle Packaging, Sleeve Packaging and Bailing