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4 Coombe Road, Moorgreen, Newthorpe, Nottinghamshire. NG16 3SU.

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A Choice of VFFS Bagging Machines For Your Products

VFFS Bagging Machines Optimised For Each Product

VFFS & HFFS Packaging Machines for packaging your products

Line Equipment build and install a range of VFFS or HFFS packaging machines designed to fill and seal bags with most products, including foods, cereals, nuts, seeds, powders, granules, ice cubes and much more.

Our core business is the design and build of VFFS bagging machines, both intermittent and continuous motion, capable of filling various products, wet or dry, across a range of bag sizes and bag styles, including Doy style. Their easy wash down, stainless steel construction and optional MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) gas flushing capabilities can make them a perfect bagging machine for food.

We also supply ancillary packaging processing line equipment such as gantries, feed and take-off conveyors, volumetric fillers, counters, dosers, multi-head weighers, zip applicators and HFFS Flow Wrappers.

UK Designed, UK Built, Working Worldwide™

Talk to us whether you need a standalone machine or a turnkey processing line.

Over 30 years’ experience From our purpose built factory, centrally located at Moorgreen, Nottinghamshire, we offer professional solutions to your packaging needs built on 30 years of experience and the cutting edge technology built into the VFFS (vertical form fill and seal) bagging machines. With a friendly, knowledgeable approach to design, build and after sales maintenance, Line Equipment is an ideal partner for any company looking for stress-free packaging production from their packaging machinery. Follow the links below to access further information.

A Choice of Bagging Machines Built to Suit Your Product and Bag Style

It doesn’t matter what product you are packing, if it is suitable to be bagged on a VFFS or HFFS packaging machine, we can build a machine to suit your unique product and environment as required.

It doesn’t matter what bag style you are looking to package your product into, VFFS and HFFS packaging machines cater for most bags types, without or with zips, and we can advise you and optimise the machine to suit your requirement, including zip applicator where needed.

It doesn’t matter what method you need to use to count, weigh or measure your product to ensure the correct quantity/weight in each bag, again we can advise you and work with you to ensure you use the right doser/multi-head weigher/volumetric filler, etc, with the right packaging machine.