Via Borgomanero, 44 ​​- 28040 Paruzzaro (NO)


In 1949 Maurizio Rossi and Luigi Cristina founded the company Officina Meccanica Sestese in Arona (Northern Italy). In those difficult post-war years, the Company undertook the important task of producing equipment and accessories for the brick and tile industry.

  • 1958 - OMS’ production soon asserted itself on the market so much that after a few years it became necessary to change premises. So, in 1958 a new plant was inaugurated in Arona where it continued to produce technologically advanced kiln equipment.
  • 1962- First International Patent: “ Artiglio Fork” for bricks. Sold in all five continents.
  • 1971- New Headquarter in Paruzzaro
  • 1980 - First Strapping Head Model R10
  • 1990 - AT62 New thermoshrink hooding machine
  • 1992 - Strapping Head Model TR14
  • 1999 - OMS celebrates its 50th Anniversary
  • 2000 - First Thermoshrink hooding machine AT53
  • 2004 - Acquisition of OMSTRAP in - Sandigliano (Biella), for strap and consumables production
  • 2006 - New Stretch hooding machine model IS43
  • 2010 - ISM bundle strapper, for the paper and cardboard industry
  • 2014 - The new high yield IS 46 stretch hooding machine
  • 2018 - Today, Officina Meccanica Sestese offers a complete range of end-of-the-line packaging machines and systems. Thanks to the great reliability of its machines, guaranteed by years of experience, and its production versatility, OMS Group can satisfy all market requirements from the simplest strapping machine to the most sophisticated packaging system.
  • 2019 - Officina Meccanica Sestese celebrates its 70th anniversary.

An important milestone in our History.