Orana A/S

Orana A/S

Rynkebyvej 243, 5350 Rynkeby, Denmark

AboutOrana A/S

Orana – The Natural Choice

Orana is based on more than 75 years of experience in developing fruit based taste. Orana has a worldwide network and you can find Orana ingredients in many global and local leading brands of beverages, dairy products and bakery products around the world.

Fruit Based Raw Materials

We are one of the largest Danish suppliers of fruit based raw materials and semi-manufactures. Further, we are a leading producer of natural extracts and fruit based food service products.


Our Products are customized and developed at our own Innovation Centers in close co-operation with our customers. Our innovative technicians are constantly looking for new and exciting challenges. Innovation is our core strength and we strive to be one step ahead of our customers' requirements.

Customer Service

Our experts can help on idea creation, recipe design, trouble shooting and production of end product.

Subsidiaries and Production

Orana is an international company situatedon the island of Funen, the orchard of Denmark, with subsidiaries in Vietnam, India, Malaysia and Egypt. The finest quality berries and fruits are carefully and gently processed into various types of fruit based raw materials.

Technology Transfer

Orana offers support for producing fruit based products, raw materials as well as consumer goods. Orana has skilled technicians who will be pleased to assist you.


For Food Service, we can offer products in our own brand name and/or co-packing for private label.

Fresh Fruit Processing

Orana is involved in fresh fruit processing directly as well as on a consultancy basis.


Our products are packed in accordance with our customers‘ requirements, always considering that the products must keep their high quality throughout the required shelf-life. The products are compliant to local rules and regulations and transportation needs.