Ossid LLC

Ossid LLC

4000 College Road Battleboro, NC 27809 United States

AboutOssid LLC

Ossid is committed to providing our customers with a superior line of tray overwrappers and sealers, weigh price labeling equipment, case scales and form fill seal machinery to fully meet your needs.

Our tray packaging solutions span from leak-proof tray sealing to stretch and shrink wrapping for case-ready meats. Our weighing and labeling solutions showcase our weigh price labeler, one of the most flexible in the industry. Our form fill seal solutions range from compact machines to large custom solutions to meet any customer needs.

We also provide one of the most complete customer service programs available in the industry, including the service personnel, parts and training necessary to keep your equipment running at peak efficiency. You can count on Ossid to still be working hard for you long after you purchase your first Ossid machine.