Packaging Automation Ltd

Packaging Automation Ltd

1 Montgomery Close Parkgate Industrial Estate Knutsford Cheshire WA16 8XW

AboutPackaging Automation Ltd

To understand what makes us the business we are today, it helps if you know a few things about our past...

Packaging Automation Limited was established as 'designers and manufacturers of special purpose machinery' on the 16th May 1963 by Arthur Penn. Nearly 60 years later, the business is still owned and managed by the Penn family and is still very much involved in the design and manufacture of machinery.

Arthur could not have forseen in 1963, the changes that would take place over the coming 50 odd years.  Nor could he have predicted the huge demand for machines and in particular packaging machines that these changes would create.

PA has grown and developed with this demand but still retains the same principles that Arthur had in 1963 - a passion for invention, innovation and engineering.

Our Mission

Packaging Automation Ltd is a British manufacturer of packaging machinery with specialist knowledge of tray heat sealing technology and factory automation. We are an innovator that listens, learns and collaborates with food manufacturers, the retail supply chain and packaging manufacturers to bring our customers the most sustainable solutions with the lowest possible environmental impact.