Packaging Logistics, Inc.

Packaging Logistics, Inc.

9380 Central Ave NE. Suite 314 Minneapolis, MN 55434

AboutPackaging Logistics, Inc.

Welcome to Packaging Logistics. We aim to provide the opportunity of a partnered relationship and to facilitate the best value creation in our industry.Our team of professionals have many combined years of experience in manufacturing, distribution, sales and customer service. We provide our clients with exceptional product insight and support in qualifying the right products for their application. We only work with the top quality manufacturing and distribution networks which gives us the opportunity to provide the most cost effective and satisfying results. Whether you’re looking for plastic, glass or deco, we can help by creating a smooth process and provide you with an exciting experience!  Let us be the NEXT STEP in packaging your product as we look forward to you becoming our newest customer!

Company Info

Packaging logistics is an innovative packaging supply company specialized in responding to today’s fast-paced and constantly changing manufacturing environment. We use supply chain management techniques to eliminate handling and reduce duplication of functions to effectively minimize the cost of your packaging materials.By representing quality manufacturing facilities and using the most effective warehousing locations, Packing Logistics can offer you a vast array of packaging products.