Xenon Street 1 1362 GD Almere is a breath of fresh air that is blowing through the packaging industry. In 2019 we started as a producer of packaging for products, promotional gifts, food, drinkware, cosmetics and much more. In fact, for everything you want to add value to with high-quality packaging. 

We are

A fresh new sound in the packaging industry. In 2019 we started selling customized packaging for products, promotional gifts, food, drinkware, cosmetics and much more. We have packaging for basically everything you want to add value to by means of high-quality packaging!

Why did we start

We noticed that companies could not order customized packaging in small quantities. We thought that was strange. Especially at a time when "ordered today, delivered tomorrow", payments with mobile phones and even a walk on the moon are within the possibilities. That had to be different! That is why we want to use to make it possible for everyone to order packaging in small quantities from 25 pieces. was born to meet the need for smaller print runs.

Our mission

With it is our mission to add value to the product and brand experience of your customer. Our packaging is tailor-made for a flexible market, namely sole traders and small businesses. We do not charge start-up costs and do not have large start-up runs. With us you can count on fast delivery from 25 packages. In this way we ensure that we add the extra value experience it deserves for every product, in large or small edition! 

Small edition from 25 pieces

It is difficult to get exact numbers in the packaging industry. At we are changing that. We deliver exactly what you ask for. Example: you apply for 38, 45 or 313 packs. No problem! We deliver the exact amount you need, without the risk of under- or over-delivery. That way you always pay for what you get. From 25 pieces. 

Always a good price

In addition to our supply in small quantities, we are currently also one of the cheapest suppliers on the market. We have innovative technologies that make it possible for us to supply a small edition at a low price. In addition, it is also possible to provide each package with a unique print within the same delivery, without this costing you anything extra! Our technique is therefore extremely suitable for personalized promotional gifts, unique packaging in an anniversary year or when you have another creative idea where different designs are appropriate! 

High-quality cardboard

All our products are printed on high-quality folding cardboard. As a customer, you have the following two types: 

  • GC1 280 grams folding cardboard.  This folding carton is the best solution for most types of packaging. 
  • GC1 350 grams folding cardboard. This folding carton is sturdier than the 280 grams variant and therefore perfect for heavier products.

All our packaging materials are made from 80% recycled cardboard. We also offer the option of having packaging laminated. This allows you to give the packaging a smooth or matte appearance. 

Always the packaging you need

We have over 5000 different packaging in our library. In addition, we have all types of closures available on the packaging market. Is your packaging not listed? No problem, send us your own design and we will help you find the right solution!