Plascene, Inc.

Plascene, Inc.

1600 Pacific AvenueOxnard, CA , 93033

AboutPlascene, Inc.

Plascene Plastic Packaging Solutions is a plastics manufacturer based in Oxnard, California that specializes in plastic packaging. We offer high-quality PET preforms, caps & closures, food and beverage packaging, pharmaceutical bottles and more. We strive to meet the needs of our customers with reliable plastic container solutions at highly-competitive prices. When your business needs dependable plastic packaging for your goods, leave it to us to provide impeccable plastic products that meet your needs.

Continual Packaging Research

Plascene has the experience and constantly researches new production methods and trends within the PET Plastic Packaging industries to supply our customers with an educated and well-rounded approach to packaging their products.

High Quality Packaged Solutions

We believe that flexibility is important to our customers to adapt to a constantly changing world, from fickle consumer tastes to new packaging and transport regulations. Changes create opportunities for those who dare to challenge the status quo. Plascene is well-positioned with facilities in California and Vietnam to help your business capitalize on emerging trends within markets and the packaging industry as a whole.  Plascene will work with you at every stage of development including; research, concept, design, engineering, logistics and delivery for your PET Plastic product packaging within the food & beverage, pharmaceutical, health and beauty and sports and nutrition markets. 

Custom PET Plastic Packaging

Your business product is unique and you need unique plastic packaging.

Plascene, innovates new ideas to help you enhance looks and add value  to your product without compromising on quality. Functionality of your product packaging is also key, so we ensure your plastic packaging scores 100% for the end user - your consumer.  We provide custom containers, caps, and preforms for a broad range of products, from sports &  nutrition to health & beauty. Our food and beverage plastic packaging is food grade as standard.

Plascene's in-house precision  mold-making capability and experienced design team have won trust from established customers' trust in producing  plastic packaging.

Packaging Design

We employ a dedicated and talented team of global experts designers, engineers, and consultants within the PET plastic packaging space, working with businesses to ensure design considerations meet market demands.

Innovative Packaging Technologies

Our team of experienced and passionate engineers is eager to tackle the challenging requirements of producing wholesale PET Plastic Packaging using evolving technologies. Plascene thrives on constantly innovating to meet needs.

Packaging Logistics

Years of shipping containers around the world and handling air freight gives Plascene's customer service team the confidence, knowledge, and expertise handling complicated logistics even in challenging times we face, you can count on.