PMR System Group srl

PMR System Group srl

Via Bertacciola 41 20813 Bovisio Masciago (MB)

AboutPMR System Group srl

PMR System Group is a leading company in the production of labeling , filling and capping machines ; all solutions that provide an extremely positive contribution to the companies that use them.

The wide range of PMR proposals is aimed at the entirety of the production sectors and responds to the most varied technical needs. All the components of our machines are completely "Made in Italy".

No business district is closed to us; from industrial to artisanal, from serial to prototype, a valid solution for everyone, even tailor-made.

We cover all sectors: from food to chemical, from cosmetics to construction, from pharmaceuticals to technology and whether it is small, medium or large industry, for our group the importance and value of a project are the same, without distinction of any kind.

In 1971, with a brilliant intuition, CosimoRubino, draws the firm conviction and the essential strength to inaugurate, among the very first pioneers, a new era for the packaging industry in Italy. In 2005, his son Omar Flavio Rubino took over the management who, consolidating his father's experience and introducing a creative and innovative approach to PMR, brings winning energy to the company and its customers every day.

In fact, there are many stages that have marked the continuous growth of the company in the name of research and technical development of the same.

From the LABELLING SYSTEM division, which includes all the proposals relating to labeling systems , product marking , label coding, bench and industrial applicators, up to the EXPERIENCE department, which includes all the solutions regarding dispensers, fillers , linear and rotary capping machines and many others tailor-made possibilities.

To date, constant technical - commercial development allows us to combine in a single solution the design, production, sales and technical assistance aspects with new protection formulas for Italy and abroad. Precise and accurate answers, this is the first of our objectives to which the entire company staff is called; harmony, full collaboration, skills, enthusiasm and passion are fundamental factors for the success of our group.

The commercial organization, with direct contact or through the presence of authorized agents and distributors, covers the entire Italian territory and allows us to reach all continents.

The experience, knowledge and skills of our precious designers, technicians and testers present on site allow us to constantly monitor the production path of any line and machine in order, respecting the delivery terms. Through national and international exhibitions PMR always offers novelties, accepting increasingly demanding challenges aimed at constant and continuous improvement.