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As an owner-managed medium-sized company, we have been a reliable packaging partner for our customers from industry, service and trade for over 50 years. That is why our long-term regular customers also include many well-known medium-sized companies and international corporations from various industries such as the food, chemical / pharmaceutical, mechanical engineering, electrical and automotive industries.

Energy companies, leading packaging dealers as well as authorities, city administrations, hospitals and various departments of universities and technical colleges regularly purchase our products. We would be happy to advise you in order to offer you precise packaging solutions for your individual requirements. Our employees work passionately and competently to achieve this.


"Since sustainability is very important to us, we have become a climate-neutral company and can offer you all products in a climate-neutral way for a small surcharge - with a certificate of a climate protection project that you can choose. In addition, we already use high quality, recycled premium recompound film for many customers, which has a very good environmental balance. "


Contrary to what the wording initially suggests, climate-neutral packaging is not a product that does not produce any greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) during its production. Because the manufacturing process of packaging, like practically all industrial production processes, directly or indirectly causes certain amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) or other emissions. This becomes understandable when you consider that every industrial production is associated with transport by vehicles as well as a certain consumption of energy and raw materials.

Various strategies are being pursued as part of general international efforts to reduce the global CO2 content in the atmosphere. The greatest possible reduction in emissions during production and transport as well as the conscious use of resources and active recycling are common measures to curb CO2 pollution. For industrial production processes - in which the emission of CO2 cannot currently be completely avoided - a concept has also been developed to actively offset the resulting emissions. Climate protection projects have been created that enable CO2 producers to offset their emissions by supporting CO2-reducing measures.

In this sense, climate-neutral packaging means that a company first determines its own carbon dioxide emissions through production, energy consumption, transport and the consumption of other resources. This is assessed with costs. After the annual emissions have been determined, the company now has the task of helping to offset the emissions by supporting a climate protection project in the same amount. This can be done, for example, through reforestation projects or other measures.


Using the example of the company Poly-Pack, the path to climate-neutral packaging can be demonstrated. As a first step, the annual CO2 emissions were determined in 2019. To this end, the Poly-Pack partner natureOfiice prepared a CO2 balance. The CO2 emissions amounted to 22.79 tons and were thus already in the lower range compared to the usual industry values.

In-house measures to save energy, such as the use of photovoltaics, effective insulation and modern heating systems, had already had a positive impact. The amount of emissions was assessed with costs. For the emissions of 22.79 tons of CO2, the task for Poly-Pack was to support a climate protection project that compensates for the amount of CO2 it emits. Here the Togo project in West Africa was selected, which is committed to reforestation of the natural forest, which contributes to the reduction of CO2.