ppg-holding GmbH

ppg-holding GmbH

Bremer Heerstraße 82, 26135 Oldenburg, Germany

AboutPpg-holding GmbH

ppg holding was founded in 2008 to combine the accounting, financial control, IT, marketing and quality management departments of the individual companies.

The operative business lies in the hands of our directors and staff of the companies in Trebbin and Holdorf. Decisions are therefore made quickly and reliably – based on our customers’ requirements – as part of the daily business.

Our qualified and motivated staff make a considerable contribution to the ongoing development of our company. Their expertise and personal commitment are the building blocks of our success. As well as the motivation and promotion of our staff, we place great importance on a pleasant working environment. In this way, we create the essential conditions for a close and permanent bond between employees and company.

We support on-the-job training, provide flexible and family-friendly working hours and promote the health of our staff by means of appropriate external programs. Our commitment involves taking social responsibility, particularly in regional areas. Examples include financing the learning of foreign languages in the Trebbin kindergarten and the special care of children suffering with cancer in Oldenburg.