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Preferred Plastics & Packaging

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AboutPreferred Plastics & Packaging

Preferred Plastics and Packaging Co., Inc. was founded in 1983 by Randy Swickle, who is president, CEO and owner. Over 30 years ago he started the company from the trunk of his car, selling stretch film as the primary product. To say that Preferred Plastics and Packaging had humble beginnings is an understatement. The company has since grown into one of the largest wholesale product packaging supplies distributors in the United States.

We carry only top-of-the-line packaging supplies and equipment. This ensures the safety of the shipments throughout the entire shipping process. And whether the shipments are big or small, our products do just the trick. There are many problems that can arise during the transportation, but with our reliable and quality supplies, you need not worry. The products and packages will be safe and sound during shipment periods and arrive at their destination in one piece. This ensures the recipient of the packages is happy. The ultimate goal of any shipping company.

Preferred Plastics is no longer a one trick pony. We now have seven product groups, 700 different products, 65 different product lines and millions of dollars of inventory stocked in six warehouses (sales and logistics) across the country. As a leading product packaging company across the country, Preferred Plastics is both reliable and affordable. We now have locations in New Jersey, New York, California and Ohio. We are a trusted packaging supplier who cannot be matched. Leave your packaging to the professionals.