Prokonpack Nederland BV

Prokonpack Nederland BV

Waldeck Pyrmontstraat 7, 5652 AD Eindhoven, Netherlands

AboutProkonpack Nederland BV

Our strength lies in product knowledge in combination with creativity. We also provide advice and assistance when it comes to setting up your logistics environment. There is a lot to gain if you know what the possibilities are.

We are always looking for innovation. Sometimes we are an inventor, sometimes an architect or a designer. Inventive and also innovative, and we use that strength for both multinationals and SMEs. Thanks to our position between wholesaler and specialist, we can switch flexibly. In addition, we are not tied to any particular materials or suppliers. Thanks to this independence, we always find the ideal packaging for your objective.

Customized protective packaging, efficient and cost-saving industrial packaging, marketing-oriented packaging or packaging that excels in sustainability: we think along with you.