Reedbut Group

Reedbut Group

Bond Ave, Bletchley, Milton Keynes MK1 1JJ, United Kingdom

AboutReedbut Group

The Reedbut Group is a manufacturer of corrugated boxes located in  Buckinghamshire, Kent and Hampshire. We offer quality products at factory floor pricing, with the ability to stock & serve from one of our three sites and with the benefit of a dedicated Account Manager.

We are very proud of our growth since 1977 which is illustrated in our snap shot of history below:

Giving our Customers a Competitive Advantage

We’re more than a corrugated box manufacturer; we’re a supplier who provides our customers with a competitive advantage, a supplier that can design bespoke packaging to drive out your bottom line costs, and a supplier that delivers consistent quality and superior service.

We have a long history of leadership and innovation stretching back over 40 years. That history includes new to market products from the likes of skytidy® and eLok to unique archive storage boxes and pallet packs’ fulfilling functional requirements.

We have expertise in every category which requires “a box”, and we’re proud to provide an unbeatable portfolio of packaging products. We have a strategy for continuous enhancement and development in all areas of our business.

Improvement is achieved through ongoing investment in both employees and new technology, thus ensuring that we remain a competitive, competent and reliable supplier of corrugated packaging.