About Rotoprint d.o.o.

Rotoprint was established in 1989 in Dol pri Ljubljani based on a vision and an ambition to design beautiful packaging for the shop shelves. Two brothers, Dušan and Slavko, with the assistance of one other worker commenced plastic packaging printing after importing screen printing machines from Germany. In the beginning, we were faced with many difficulties; however, with continuous training abroad we quickly became one of the best printing companies in Europe. Between 1991 and 1995, we were the leading company in Slovenia in terms of quality, as well as quantity of printed packaging. At that time Rotoprint employed six workers. Our main customers were the companies Jub, Helios, Petrol, Kimi, Ecot, Kemikal, etc. In 1995, there was already a demand for multi-colour printing (offset printing) and high-quality thin-wall packaging which could replace vacuum packaging in the food industry. This led us to complement our primary printing activity with packaging production. By purchasing a state-of-the-art machine from the Krupp-Kautex company, we came one step closer to the production of blow moulding packaging. We began producing plastic bottles for Petrol and Kimi from Ljubljana. We became the suppliers of high-quality plastic bottles which we also decorated with screen printing.

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