Samas Italy Srl

Samas Italy Srl

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AboutSamas Italy Srl

The balance between tradition and innovation

Samas Italy Srl is an Italian company that, thanks to the experience gained by Gianluca Saccardi and Marco Alfani in the field of precision mechanics, studies, designs and builds automatic and semiautomatic machinery for packaging in the pharmaceutical, diagnostic, food, nutraceutical, chemical and cosmetic .

Gianluca and Marco have chosen to continue the family tradition of the mechanical workshop. From an early age, neighbors and inseparable friends, they learned from their respective fathers: Piero Saccardi was the founder of one of the main companies in the packaging machinery sector; Aldo Alfani was the owner of a company specialized in the automation of access control and in accident prevention protections on automatic machines.

Although our business is very young, the technical team has been working in the field of industrial automation for over 30 years and we have already successfully completed a large number of projects. We continue to establish ourselves in Italy and in the international market, through direct contact and with the collaboration of authorized agents and distributors.

For Samas, the careful selection of products is fundamental. Thanks to the internal development and design office, we are looking for cutting- edge alternatives , able to satisfy market demands and to accommodate the particular needs that arise during negotiations with customers.